Will I be able to perform the work in an SEO Roadmap?

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April 2, 2023

How hard is the work that will need to be done to get value from an SEO Roadmap?

If I get an SEO Roadmap, will it be too hard for me to accomplish anything?

An SEO Roadmap is a sophisticated document by methodology, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be hard to follow or hard to implement.

SEO is generally not a hard concept to understand, but it is a broad topic, and it does require a lot of tedious tasks. The idea that SEO is some mystical concept that only wizards imbued with ancient rites and magical talents can perform, is a bit contrived. 

This article will talk about some of the practical aspects of an SEO Roadmap, and how you will be able to implement the strategy contained within an SEO Roadmap. We will also touch a bit on the concept of SEO as a difficult process – while it is complex and requires some knowledge of how things work, it is not nearly as difficult to perform as it has previously been presented as.

Why would an Agency that makes money from having strategic SEO knowledge and experience be downplaying the difficulty of performing SEO tasks?

SEO has always been about implementing best practices, not about conjuring up magical powers. It’s just perceived as difficult and not approachable because success in many previous years required a lot of testing and ideas about SEO were not widely disseminated as a conglomerate of best practices. 

We love doing SEO work, and we think we are pretty good at it – you probably landed on this post from an organic search query. That said, most of what we do is not difficult, just as it isn’t difficult for other top agencies. Sometimes tediousness and consistency are masqueraded as “difficult”.

As many business owners who have realized some level of success understand, consistency is crucial to success. In the case of SEO work, it is a crucial factor, too. Knowledge and understanding of how the different variables of SEO work in harmony, as well as keeping up with timeless best practices and looking for subtle changes in algorithms are also important variables.

We think SEO should be more approachable. But we admit, it’s not crazy difficult, just requires a lot of attention and can feel tedious, but will benefit from consistent application of best practices.

What do I need to know about SEO to be able to implement the strategy in an SEO Roadmap?

Just after we told you that SEO isn’t overly complicated, we’re going to say, it can’t be learned in a few bullet points either. But, below we will highlight some important thematic concepts about what you need to do to properly approach SEO.

  • Succeeding in an online business requires the same commitment, consistency and best practices as success in an offline business
  • SEO is a set of best practices that must be implemented, and is relative to peers (generally)
  • Intent of search queries is an important factor – imagine what you would be trying to accomplish by typing any given query, and utilize that intent when writing to deliver a result
  • Content needs to be aligned with intent and should be accurate for the given keyword you desire to be ranked for
  • Internal linking and third party backlinks are incredibly important to show value and focus of pages or other content on your digital footprint
  • If you are better than peers at delivering content (or any deliverable that meets query intent and general concepts) you are well placed to succeed in organic results
  • While algorithmic changes happen, and it can affect rankings, SEO is still widely based on best practices, and not simply the whims of google or others (though it can feel like that at times)
  • If you abide by the concept that a search engine wants to deliver the most accurate result for a query to the seeker, you are likely to be well placed for rankings

Additionally, you should be aware that there are on-page and off-page optimizations that both need to be implemented and some are harder than others, some more tedious than others, and some more valuable than others. 

One of the most important parts to understand about SEO is that it is generally a relative comparison, and a zero-sum concept. That is: when one moves up in the ranks, it’s because another has moved down in the ranks, and that is generally aligned with how each  business/result/content offering is structured relative to others in the same query. So, having met the technical baseline requirements is an incredibly important aspect of SEO.

We will help you understand how to do each task we recommend you do

We make a lot of SEO Roadmaps, and support a lot of small and medium businesses in implementing SEO best practices. We offer the following:

  • Resources for learning SEO in a documentation based setting
  • Live Q&A either in a group setting or in a 1-on-1 setting
  • Included coaching hours on any SEO Roadmap package, and available as an a la carte package
  • Live walkthroughs as needed
  • Samples of how to implement given tasks
  • A step-by-step task oriented list of how to do SEO that aligns with your SEO roadmap verbiage

We also try to talk about the specifics of the important parts for SEO in our intake conversation and after the roadmap is delivered to you. 

We also offer overview and oversight work that has lower costs associated with it, and can help you realize how to better optimize the work you are performing

We can be on a call with you for a half hour at a time if you need to be, which allows you to get great value for your marketing dollars, and get only the information or help you need in controllable hourly packages. 

This allows you to custom tailor your money spent to high value exercises that give you maximum insight into how to perform the tasks needed to rank. 

If there is something that you are not interested in doing from an SEO perspective, you can offload those tasks to us

We can work in a hybridized fashion, where the stuff you don’t feel confident in performing from an SEO perspective can be handled completely by us, while those tasks you do want to do on your own can be done by you and your team. Offload the most tedious or hardest SEO work to us, and save money on the tasks you feel competent performing. 

With our resources, and a few sessions together, you’re going to be super successful in implementing an SEO roadmap if you truly desire to be

How do we know that you can be successful implementing our roadmap? We’ve done it for hundreds of companies (we do 10-15 SEO Roadmaps a week now on average). Also, we have a vested interest in you getting more organic traffic and conversion – the better you grow and the more we help, the more likely we are to be part of your continued growth plan. We have a vested interest in your success – obviously. 

We are a SMB just like you – we know what it’s like to be challenged by wage structures, inflation, and difficulty in sourcing work and finding those that can help us to grow. We want people like us to see success, and we built this business to be geared towards small businesses that wish to compete on some levels with biggest competitors, while doing their best to avoid wasting dollars to be competitive with the deeper pockets and deeper resources of those bigger competitors.

Not sure about an SEO Roadmap or why you might want one? See these collective posts about SEO Roadmaps, or call us and ask us about how it can benefit you and your digital footprint.

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