Podcasting to reach new Customers

Podcasting for Small Businesses let us help you to reach new clients

Our most proactive clients are using audio to reach new audiences

We can help you market your small business through podcasting

We work with a lot of industries

Twelve broad based industry fields, and more than 120 niches. We create a lot of expert content.

You can listen to content and see if we are a good fit

We have samples you can listen to and see how we make hard to talk about content, totally easy to understand and fun to listen to. From industrial concepts and services to high level technical, scientific, medical or financial content. 

We help you prepare, and tee up content for you

We’ve done a lot of this, and we can talk at your level – we are businss owners and consultants and we know our client’s industries. We help you look great. Plus, we take technical, hard to approach content, and turn it into easier content to listen to.

You can distribute the content – you own it

We can also help you market your audio content and help you build channels on social media and online at your site and beyond.

Podcasting for Small Businesses – We can be your Podcast moderators to help you reach new clientele

We help a lot of our clients find new customers and audiences to help build their business relatively easily. 

Think about the expertise you have that makes you unique as a small business. You can help people seeking out content in that industry space by being the go-to audio resource about the subject you know best. 

In the past, radio shows, and video content provided the same type of exposure. Many companies built millions in revenue through these mediums – but times are changing – consumer behavior is changing. 

Radio has undergone a huge transformation to focused, national, regional or global content companies that no longer have the local flair or draw that they once did. This is especially true with the starkly contrasting politically oriented content that is now popular. It’s hard to market properly on the radio anymore. 

Video is a great advertising and outreach channel, but long-form, strategic expert-led content is not a great fit for video all the time. Every social media option that relies on video prioritizes short form content that goes “viral”, instead of deep dives into the intricacies of a given topic. 

Podcasts and long-form audio content offers a significant advantage to the listener and to the producer of the content. Listeners get to access truly expert providers, and get insights they cannot find elsewhere. Creators get a captive audience that is waiting to be pitched a product or service that can help them further explore a given concept or marketplace. 

We help small businesses stand out by marketing easy to produce content – based on their exact areas of expertise

Your peers aren’t doing podcasting. Your competition at the local and regional level aren’t doing podcasting. You get to showcase exactly what you want to showcase – and you don’t have to worry about reaching a specific audience – the audience will find you. We can help marketing this content and producing it at a professional level that no other small-business-centric digital agency is doing. 

We can record, edit and produce easy to do podcast content for you – while helping you establish genuine market share in your niche

With a bit of practice and some synergy between a moderator and a business expert (say, a small business key-person or owner), the content begins to flow pretty quickly, and editing time can be substantially reduced, leading to cost savings. 

We can help you:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Prepare with insightful questions
  • Get comfortable talking about your business and how you offer unique value to consumers
  • Record in one or only a few takes
  • Eliminate costly editing through helpful tranisitioning, good oversight, and basic clipping of content for flow
  • Make interesting content from highly technical or highly unapproachable content concepts
  • Gather new potential clients through long-form audio tracks and podcasting
  • Polish up your branding and make a cohesive value proposition to help convert potential clients into real money
  • Bring out your inner expert so you sound smooth, and comfortable and showcase your full expertise

We offer a bit of hand-holding through the audio/podcasting journey for small business owners at a price that is ultra affordable 

You own the content, and we can help you distribute it. We make it easy – there is a low cost to enter this channel, it has low per episode costs to produce. We provide a verifiable expert that talks at your level, helping you through the audio tracks. We also make it easy for potential customers to understand. Podcasting for Small Businesses works!

We can help you make hours of content that doesn’t take exponential additional hours to produce and distribute. The average time it takes to do a 1 hour podcast is 1 hour for you, and about 2.5-3.5 hours for us. That is economical, and simple to understand and justify for a small business.

Typical video content can be upwards of 10x the time to produce. On both sides of the creative process. For one hour of content in video, it could take 3-10 hours or more of video recording (some video takes 30x the time to film than the resulting content that you can render into usable video). There is a substantial production phase as well – usually at least 10-15x the time of recording, to render a 1 hour clip of premium video content. While this is not a static figure, it’s inline with video production costs and timelines. That means it’s too expensive and takes too long for most small businesses to justify. 

You can produce world class content in a few hours on audio with the right moderation, and skilled professionals. 

How Podcasting and Long-format business audio can bring in the right clients

The type of client typically desired by a small business is one that understand the value of a small business compared to a larger business. The customer that is drawn to a small business, understands the struggle of doing something right with a huge list of competitors, and the purpose of small businesses in the general business landscape. 

Those who are listening to audio in long-format mediums are there to engage at the most in-depth level.

Sure, there are a lot of people trying to enter the space, and there is a bit of competition grooming that comes along with in-depth audio about specific business offerings and practices.

But a majority of the listeners to audio in podcasting format are those that want to be super-involved in the space, and are looking for better ways to engage, and how to find the best brain trusts in the field.

That’s the type of consumer you want to be in front of. An engaged, ready to buy, consumer that trusts your judgement enough to continue to listen to you talk on audio for hours on end, and already sees you as the go-to resource.

Do you know how easy it is to convert a podcast listener?

If they need your product or service, it’s as simple as an ‘ask’. You make a call to action, and it becomes a sale, or several, or many.

The more credibility you build by pushing out credible, high quality content, the more your word of mouth and brand-building gets seen and heard.

You are suddenly in possession of a lot of sway, a lot of credibility and a lot of captive audience members that are AT MINIMUM, interested in you and what you offer.

Podcast listeners are educated, well connected, and ready to act when they see an offer they appreciate. 

How we can help you in the podcast process

We are already doing this with great success for our own businesses, and for clients of ours that run small businesses. Big businesses and brand names that are globally recognized didn’t get that way by being silent and demure. They put their brand out there, they showed their expertise, their products, their culture as part of what they are. You can capitalize on a cultural movement towards expert opinion showcased on podcasting and other long-format audio content. You’re great at something as a small business, but not everyone is going to find you through google (SEO), or through word of mouth.

You need to open up your channels of communication, and be where your customers are waiting to be found. We can help you moderate and produce a podcast that can help you reach new audiences. We can also teach you and help you curate content and audio tracks that will resonate with the type of consumer you want to be in front of. The relatively low cost of producing basic podcasting content allows expertise that you and your team have in the small business setting to connect with viable potential clients in a new medium of distribution, for minimal outlay of money. A medium that let’s you talk to a captive, conversion-oriented audience that seeks you out, instead of you having to always go and find them.