Get an SEO Roadmap

An SEO Roadmap cuts down the difficulty and demystifies one of the hardest marketing projects you probably have on your “To-do list”. We help you understand what needs to be done to ensure you come up in a favorable position on Google’s SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) and why it matters. We also help you by creating a place where you can ask questions and get high quality answers, walk-throughs, and learn SEO for your small business. We support all of our roadmap client’s in similar ways to our full-service clients, but without the added costs of having us do the implementation work for you. It gives you an opportunity to get all of our research, access to our tooling, and save a ton of money, if you already have staff that can do the work, or if you prefer to be hands on.

Get World Class Support

While Getting the SEO you need

Sometimes you aren’t ready to have an agency do the work for you. Maybe you have staff with extra hours in their schedule. Maybe you want to learn how to do SEO for yourself. It doesn’t matter why you don’t want to have an agency do all the SEO work for you – just that we can help you save a ton of money without losing valuable oversight, access to auditing, and important insights from a world class SEO company. You can still pick and choose from a ton of SEO items, content and consulting at reduced rates in an a la carte fashion. You get what you need, and don’t pay for what you don’t.

Get a Roadmap and Implement yourself

We help you by being your guide. We instruct you how to do the work, and you or your staff implement the best practices. We provide ongoing support and oversight. Get an SEO Roadmap.

You fund a smaller retainer

We can lower our normal total upfront retainer if you have some flexibility on timelines and on-demand support. We don’t leave you hanging, we just allow ourselves a bit more time to make changes. You still get a couple hours a month at priority response times.

We built a special training program that we give you access to

We have invested significant resources into our “SEO Roadmap” program. It’s a “self-serve” SEO boot camp that offers coaching, Q&A, live sessions and real world help, while you learn how to get more lead generation for your small business. We offer on-demand access to videos and podcasts, as well as tutorials about SEO and how to maximize your time spent looking for clients for your company.

We also give you access to tooling that can help you grow

We offer premium third party tools to help you get automated and real time insights to your actual improvements. Not just theory, but also tooling that can help you track progress. Access is bundled into our roadmap pricing, so you get a lot of value for less money than assembling the tooling yourself, and you get real ROI.

What is an SEO Roadmap?

We audit your digital footprint, and use all the factors and existing infrastructure you have in place to create a plan for you that will allow you to understand short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals, and best practices. We outline “low hanging fruit” and help you to understand best practices. In this roadmap you get actionable data, and realistic goals, and we support you by reviewing your work and making adjustments with you to help you succeed in SEO over the long-term. You get value for money, because we aren’t spending tons of hours doing the work, and we are only being paid for deliverables. You are implementing the work, and we are helping you understand how to improve along the way. Real results, and real value. 

Do it yourself, or tap into our network of pre-vetted contractors

We give you access to implementation resources (people we have used in the past, or who are currently contractors for our agencies), so you can utilize them at a lower rate than working with an agency. Lower costs for general, remedial work, and access to higher levels of talent as well. All at a reduced cost. 

We audit you on a regular basis

We can audit you weekly if you want, to help you understand places for improvement. We include some 1-on-1 face time with experts from our firm to help you build your SEO ranking prowess. Our audits offer both our insights as professional SEO’s, but also concepts surrounding building brand, content marketing, and also technical aspects. 

An SEO Roadmap offers incredible value for a one-time fee

We can also add-on different a-la-carte options to supercharge your growth

We can provide a one-off roadmap, with our standard credits for consulting time (our base plan offers 1 hour a month of Q&A and consulting for a year), and you can add on important additional functionality. We also include access to rank tracking, website tooling that helps you understand where you can improve, and to a catalog of specialty videos that can help you learn more. You also get an up front 3 hours of consulting to help you navigate the concepts you’re learning about SEO and implementation. 

You get incredible training and support, for a low total out of pocket cost

We also give you access to discounted rates for help in pursuing lead generation through proper SEO

Get the technical stuff done for you

Our Roadmaps are based on your total exiting footprint size, and the complexity of your business. It can also serve as a proper “second opinion” if you are vetting an agency, and need to know if they are not prioritizing the right things. We offer a ton of insight that no agency can offer for this price, and without the attachment of a long-term committment to that agency (or ours). We can tell you where you stand, and how to outperform your comeptition in SEO.